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BioThane Leash – 10′ Nose / Scent Work


These 3/8 Inch with Brass Snaps and 1/2 Inch with Stainless Steel Snaps leads are 10 Feet long and are used by many for Nose/Scent Work training. Use of a BioThane Lead gives you durability for all surfaces that is extremely easy to clean. All ChampDogGear BioThane products are sewn when possible for Maximum Strength and Durability.


BioThane is the ultimate leather-like material in look and feel! It is more durable, is antibacterial and easily cleanable so it is a dream to maintain. Our craftsmen skive and sew our biothane leashes. As a result of skiving you get a better feel than those that are riveted. In addition the sewing gives nearly double the strength of riveting. Our craftsmen sew stainless steel snaps on the 1/2″ wide and solid brass snaps on the 3/8″ wide on our 10′ Nose/Scent Work BioThane Leashes. Craftsmanship and materials make ours the best biothane leashes available.

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